What is Journal Number in Bank Challan?

This draft is for the one who don’t know about Journal Number in Bank Challan that will be generated by the system to fill up the government or private recruitment online applications like State of India Recruitment, GENCO recruitment and for students applying for entrance test examinations like EAMCET, GATE etc. This is just a verification code to authorize yourself that you have made payment or not. This procedure was implemented because to pay fee for certain bank recruitment online application or entrance exam one need to make payment either online or offline. Everyone didn’t have online banking or credit cards to do. So, the entire process was quantized and introduced journal number.

journal number

What is Journal Number?

It is a 9-digit e-Payment number which a candidate will get after paying desired amount with prescribed banks. The main reason in introducing this procedure in many Government Recruitment’s to fill online applications because paying the same in form of Checks or Demand Draft (DD) will charge the commission amount which is more to common candidate. To avoid these extra charges, Journal Number itself useful to credit the amount directly to bank accounts. Only few banks will charge processing amount in getting journal number.

Where to find Journal Number in Bank Challan?

This was the major question that we are getting daily from our readers. To explain more we gathered the image of challan form for better understanding.

journal number bank challan

Some prerequisites before generating bank challan form from desired recruitment website. Verify registration ID or Ref.No. before making payment, enter correct name. Don’t forget to retain the Chalan copy with Journal number for future verification at the time of examination.

What to do after getting Journal Number?

Bank challan form will be generated with respect to candidate details. Carry the candidate’s copy of challan with number and continue filling the online application with reference number. Please note that applicant name and name on challan should match. Enter the 9 digit Journal Number on the space provided during the submission of application form.

Note: Continue filling application in next working day after getting the number in bank challan.

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