How can we find the CIF Number of SBI?

Did anyone ask your bank CIF number?

Then you must need to know the basics of what the CIF number is and how to find it without visiting the home branch of your bank. Let’s move ahead!

When you get the bank account from an individual bank(s), the first you will get is the CIF number. The CIF number means – Customer Information File. Once the system receives the customer information while creating a new bank account like full name, address and phone number which are permanent, the banking software generates a unique 11 digit number which is called a CIF number. After it was created, the account number will be assigned to the customer. In simple words, it is like the Unique Identification Number like Aadhaar.

CIF number means

Once the customer gets this number, all the accounts under it will be mapped to this single Customer Information File. Both the CIF number and account number are not same. You should be aware of that.

CIF Number Means?

In short, we can call it as a customer ID. Obviously, both the customer and account number will not be the same. Right?

For example, if you have different accounts like fixed deposits, savings account, current account, loan accounts, etc., all come under the one CIF number. Every category that was mentioned above will have a different account number. If you need someone who is authorized to check the status of the bank account holder, it is better to share the Customer Information File number instead of providing the details of each individual account for every sub-account like fixed deposit account, loan account, etc.,

So, to find the CIF no. you need to have access to one of the following.

  1. Online Net Banking/eStatement
  2. Cheque Book
  3. Bank Passbook

If you don’t have any of the above prerequisites, then it is recommended to contact the customer care service of the respective bank.

How can I get my SBI account CIF number?

This is a general question that most the people ask. To know the CIF number of SBI account, follow the steps below.

Customer Information File Number – SBI Bank Passbook

To find the CIF no. from the State Bank of India, first, open the Passbook and look for the account information page. Here look for the label named CIF No. Share the number with the bank authorized person to know the status of the bank account.

CIF number SBI

CIF Number via OnlineSBI (Netbanking)

There could be some times where you won’t get physical access to the SBI passbook to check the Customer Information File number. So, remotely monitor the same through SBI Netbanking via onlineSBI without visiting the home branch office. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Open and login to the personal banking using the login credentials.

Step 2: In the left-hand menu, choose ‘Account statement’ then select the savings or current account then choose ‘by month’ and then select ‘Go.’

customer information file number onlinesbi

Step 3: Here you will find the SBI CIF number quickly.

how to find cif number in sbi without passbook

Find CIF Number in SBI Cheque Book

Like the passbook method, you will locate the account holder CIF no. on the front page of the SBI cheque book.

Use these three methods to unveil the exact number of CIF and get to know the required information from the bank employees. Also, the CIF number will differ from one bank to another.

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