What next after your Graduation?

Young graduates, aspiring engineers, students coming out of colleges, proud with degrees in hand and now, what next?

A question that is absolutely killing the youth.

Yes! What next?

It might be the family, friends or relatives. This is the question that screws up the mind from the happiness that you have been graduated.

So what next. A lavish wedding?

Jokes apart! Here we have few tips for your better career. Your career decides where you stand in the society. So it is vitally necessary for you people to be careful while choosing the right profession.

Only getting a job is not ‘The End.’ It is all about how well you grow in it. For you to grow, you should be passionate. Passion towards work makes out wonders whereas work without love is something seriously deadly!

Doesn’t matter how you entered into your bachelor’s degree either your personal interest or something else. But the profession you should choose has a great importance and is to be your interest.

what next after graduation

Be clear on your next step whether

  1. You want to continue with your studies, i.e., Masters.
  2. Get a job? Software/Core/Bank/Civils/any govt job, an endless list.

What if Masters?

Get a clear picture of your area of interest in your masters that helps you in selecting your majors.

Now, of course, it is the right time to make a decision if your masters are on Technology or Management. Take out time, think and analyze what you like more either technical stuff or you enjoy management?

What if Technology?

If you choose to pursue your Masters in Technology, then make sure you choose the right major and the scope of the career opportunities. You have to make a choice between MS and M.Tech.

M-Tech: You need to give GATE examination for this. Careful. It has negative marking! IITs are the best you are going to get out of your best scores.

IITs, IIScs are the best institutes for you to get a great learning concerning Technology. Besides, we also have NITs and few other prestigious deemed universities like BITS.

MS: You need to take GRE exam which comprises of Aptitude and English. Along with this, you need to appear for either IELTS or TOEFL which tests your skills in English. If you can score above 305, you can grab a scholarship. It’s worth scoring big.

What if Management Studies?

Management studies are again one of the best options in this emerging world. It provides a broad range of specializations like Finance, Marketing, Human-Resources, and lot more.

For you to get into management studies, you can choose to give exams like CAT, SNAP, GMAT, MAT, etc.

We in India, undoubtedly have the best management institutions like IIMs, Symbiosis University, IITs Central universities and few B-schools.

Of course, yes you can pursue MBA overseas too by opting for MAT or GMAT. All these competitive examinations like CAT, SNAP, GMAT and MAT comprise of Aptitude and English.

CAT is the top level exam regarding management which enables you to enter into IIMs – the Pride of India. IIMs are the best institutions all over the world and next to that stand IITs. It is the toughest exam out of all competitive examinations. And yes it is an open secret that people from IIMs are the most highly paid and next comes the place of IITs. And that is the reason why the admissions are like hot-cakes in IIMs and IITs, and in turn, the entrance exam has to be tough.

SNAP is another similar examination which provides an entry to another prestigious place Symbiosis University in Pune.

For all these exams, English and Aptitude are crucial and are seriously not so easy. Not demoralization, but true that you need to set up a high benchmark to get into these prestigious institutions.

So people, if you are actually planning for higher studies it is very important that you are good at Aptitude and English and if you are not good, start your preparation right now. No one is born with inbuilt skills or knowledge. It is always the hard work and efforts you put forth to achieve something, is something that matters.

I hope that you are now pretty much clear about managing the higher studies. Let’s move on and see what if your choice is option 2.

Option 2

As soon as you are out of your engineering college, the first thing you want to be is a Software Engineer, if not for all but maybe for most of the peers. It’s no surprise that 40% of the students are finding it so hard to get into a software firm and are waiting for years ending up with finishing up courses from external sources. Is that necessary?


Do you really need to complete courses?

It’s no wrong if you are learning new stuff. But it is not necessary to get into courses. If it’s necessary what about the groups, who are easily getting into the jobs?

No answer? No worries we have tips for you.

So what are the tips to get fit in one?

Good scores in academic?

Not really!

Of course, 55% in your academic career is necessary and what else is required you think. The first and foremost thing that gets you a job is Communication skills. You cannot get anything in the corporate world until or unless you open your mouth and ask for something. And to speak out, you need to know their language, and it is nothing but the global language English again.

Let us look into the procedure of hiring a fresher. You will be asked to take an Aptitude test and then get involved in a Group discussion with your fellow attendees. These are the phases where the significant filtration takes place. Then only the technical interview comes into the picture. It is all about what have you learned in these four years of engineering and what skills you have referred in your Resume.

Companies don’t expect much from freshers, except the very basic things. If you have no grip on your basics, you are gone. Nonetheless, of the department, everyone has one fascinating subject which gives us eligibility to enter into the Software industry. The great ‘C’ language. Be strong in it, brush up the basics because it is the only reason you are getting to the software industry. People don’t expect you to be masters in it but might not entertain if you are not able to pitch into simple things at least.

So, what all freshers need are excellent communication skills, aptitude, few basics of C language and some of your core subjects. No worries if you are weak in anything. Just plan accordingly and start working. You will definitely be in, and you stand special for sure in your group.

Even for Bank exams or any other government jobs, the foremost basics are Aptitude and then English. So, don’t miss out them. The English subject and English labs you have during your graduation are not for fun, or a subject included because the syllabus setters haven’t found something else interesting.

On top of all these, Planning is vital for every individual. Everyone plans in their own way and implements in their own way. Just Plan, Prepare and Execute for your Success.

Good Luck!


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