What to do after B.Tech CSE?

Let me tell you the career options after B.Tech CSE. The evolution of the world is entirely depended on science, and it is science only which led to new innovations and technology for development. Different branches of this field has advanced and progressed over time leading to study of completely new horizons. One of the modern branches of science, Computer Science Engineering (CSE) involves the study of scientific approaches together with information algorithms in computer language.

The invention of computer has not only simplified a lot of matters but it has generated a new field of study. In current scenario, computer science engineering is gaining pace and advancement with the high potential prospect of growth and future it promises. Students all over the globe now are electing CSE as their career study path. Universities and colleges have opened up various level degree courses offering education and best career opportunities after B.Tech CSE.  Unlike other engineering, this field is new and not all are completely aware about the future scope after doing BTech in Computer Science. A number of choices both in job opportunities as well as further study options are available for the students pursuing education in this department.

after b.tech cse

After completion of bachelor degree in computer science engineering, a person interested in studying further can consider going for M.Tech, M.SC, Masters in Engineering and PhD to name the most sought after choices. If the student desires then he/she can also pursue any of these degrees abroad where there are many universities and colleges taking students for further studies apart from considering B.Tech computer science subjects. The master level programs heightens the scope of better placement and career advancement by imparting more deep knowledge about the several other areas of computer science like operating systems, computer hardware design, advance problem solving and more wide study of algorithm and math. Along with these, practical implication seminars and internships at research centers are also offered. Students can also go for doctoral degree (PhD) in computer science engineering, where they will be able to study natural language processing, numeric hydrodynamics and networking systems to name a few.

After studying 3-4 years of BTech in CSE, majority of graduates start looking for job suiting their profile. Given the increasing demand and growth of IT sector, the requirement of CSE graduates is also rising. A number of popular IT companies like TCS, IBM, Oracle, Wipro, Intel and InfoTech are recruiting students through campus placements by offering them lucrative packages and positions. Apart from these, government organizations like Indian Railway, Steel Authority of India (SAIL) and ISRO also offer job opportunities after BTech CSE. Considering the fact that high profile companies and government organization are ready to invest in CSE degree holders, the scope of future career is very bright and prosperous. For the students who are still unsure about which job profile to exactly opt for after degree, here are few job options

IT Consultant

It is one of the most sought of job choices after B.Tech CSE graduation. The job specifications include advising clients about IT implications in their business and suggesting them about technological strategies to expand the same. It also includes planning and designing according to the client’s project and requirement.

Systems Analyst

Interested students can also choose to apply for the job of System analyst. The job profile includes making use of IT services to study, make analysis and design IT solutions and work on changes and modifications of systems. Proper technical knowledge backed by training to deal with the requirement of an analyst is must.

Game Developer

One thing that boosts the IT market is the Gaming industry, both online and offline. A large number of youngsters and kids are totally addicted to gaming whether it is computer games or mobile games, online or offline. The job of game developer is as interesting as it really sounds. The online gaming industry is always looking out for CSE graduates who can design, create and program new creative games attracting the full attention of gaming fans.

Multimedia Programmer

Another interesting job career path is that of a multimedia programmer. It involves designing innovative and creative websites, applications, animation and videos. These job activities require both technical skills and creative flair of the students. Hope these career options might help you in taking the right decision after B.Tech CSE.

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